What is The Good Schools Guide Advice Service?

The Good Schools Guide Advice Service advises parents on anything and everything concerning children and their education.

Whether you want help finding the best school for your child or whether your child has particular difficulties to do with education – we can help.

Why come to us?

For nearly thirty years, Good Schools Guide writers have visited and reviewed schools all over the UK. Our writers talk to parents, pupils, teachers and head teachers and pour the information into The Good Schools GuideOur unrivalled reputation depends on our knowledge, independence and honesty.

Twenty-seven of our most experienced writers make up The Good Schools Guide Advice Service team. Our expertise and The Guide’s unique inside information is at your disposal. See here for details of who we are.

Independent, impartial personal advice

Our advisors are, like you, parents. All good parents want the best start in life for their children. There are many questions:

  • State or independent?
  • Mixed or single sex?
  • Day or boarding?
  • And – perhaps most important – where would my individual child be happiest and most successful?
Parents tell us:

We could live anywhere. Find us the school, then we will move. 

This is our commute. The local school is not for us. What can we do?

We weren’t educated here. We want to know how to make the system work for us. 

We find solutions to these questions every day.

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How can we help?

The Good Schools Guide Advice Service is a personal one-to-one service. You tell us what you need and we tell you how we can help. And then we do!

Our Services

Introductory Consultation

This is a telephone service

£120 for a 30 minute  personal advice session
£180 for a 60 minute personal advice session

You can use this to help with queries and problems of limited scope eg deciding between two schools or to help unravel a tricky problem to do with any aspect of your child’s education or development.

NB This service is not appropriate for parents who need help with compiling lists of possible schools. Find out more about The Introductory Consultation.

Classic Service

£895. This service is aimed primarily at UK based families or families who are familiar with UK education. The service includes an initial consultation (usually by telephone) to establish exactly what is required, then schools (or educational) research, followed by eg advice on place availability, interviews or entrance exams, weighing up merits of comparable schools, post-visit discussion. Charges for consultations and advisory services involving more than mild SEN will be arranged on an individual basis. Find out more about the Classic Service.

Premier Service

£1,750 + expenses. All that is comprised by the Classic Service and to include research,  all liaison with schools, assistance with visits, accommodation, travel, appointments etc. We recommend this service for clients being relocated at short notice or clients with several children with different needs. Find out more about the Premier Service.

Global Premier Service

£3000 + expenses. This service is for international families. Nowadays, some families see the whole world as their home. These families want the best education available anywhere on the globe for their children. Many families relocate frequently or are based overseas but want to send their children to board in the UK to give them the opportunities uniquely available here. These days, an early education in the home country followed by UK boarding and then university in the United States or Europe is a popular course for international cosmopolitan families. Our Global Premier Service assists families in every aspect of finding the best school for their children. It encompasses all that the Premier Service offers plus a completely flexible support system to assist with eg assessment, English language help, guidance on every aspect of the UK educational provision and how to achieve the best possible education from arrival to university. Find out more about The Global Premier Service.

The Director’s Service

A service exclusively for agents or representatives of overseas clients. Please click here to learn more about The Director’s Service.

SEN Service

A unique service. We have a team of five SEN specialists all of whom have long and personal experience and expertise in matters affecting a family in which one or more children have an SEN. The team works in collaboration with the other advisors, in particular with our State School Service to ensure that we support and advise you with every aspect of your child’s education and the impact it has on the rest of the family.

We also now offer an SEN Helpline Service – SENSH.

Click here to read more about our SEN Service.

State School Service

A new – very competitively-priced - service for families who are only interested in the state sector. Our state education expert will advise you on all matters to do with non-fee-paying schools and related matters eg admissions criteria, catchment areas, grammar schools etc. Click here for details and fee structure.  

Scholarships and Bursaries Service

Another unique service. You tell us about your child and the kind of financial help you need to make an independent school education possible for him or her and we will research possible sources of scholarships, bursaries and other fee assistance for you in schools which meet your criteria. Click here to find out more about our Scholarships and Bursaries Service.

Data Service

This is an individually priced, service offered by The Good Schools Guide Advice Service. The Good Schools Guide has a unique bank of data collected from every available educational source along with our own analytics. We can offer you a deeper and broader range of statistics than any other education resource in the UK. Find out more about the Data Service.

NB We have expert advisors who can help you in a number of languages. For example, we have four French-speaking advisors, two who can help in Spanish and so on. Please advise us if you need to speak in your own language.

We offer a huge range of additional services. For more information see examples of how we can help and more details of our services.

So what should I do?

Call 0203 286 6824

or email:

What information should I include?

• your contact details
• your child’s name and yours
• his/her/their date(s) of birth
• an idea of where you will want a school eg west London, near an airport etc
• what matters most to you in their education eg sports, a special educational need, good academics

What happens next?

Our administrator will take your call or answer your email. In consultation with the director of The Good Schools Guide Advice Service, she will allocate the advisor best qualified to assist you. We will then put you in touch with your advisor direct.

Consultations are mainly carried out over the phone. However, our advisors are always happy to meet you, if possible. Urgent enquiries are dealt with urgently. During office hours we can find an advisor to speak with you within a couple of hours if necessary.

Why are our services not free?

We’d love to help you for nothing. But our advisors are highly knowledgeable, experienced professionals who work one-to-one with you and give you the benefit of not just their own expertise but that of the whole Good Schools Guide team – along with the unique collection of data and information that is exclusive to The Good Schools Guide. We work hard for you and often give well over the odds. Our rates are extremely competitive. Click here for what parents say about our services.

The Good Schools Guide Promise

We will refund your fee if you are not entirely satisfied with the results.

All information is treated in the strictest confidence. Advisors’ standard terms and conditions may be found in Terms And Conditions.

Your child – nothing matters more

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